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Amanda Morgan - ANDAZ Testimonial "I'm not afraid to smile anymore. Before I tried so hard not to smile or laugh with my friends, so I wouldn't smile. Now I laugh and I smile and take pictures of my teeth. It's taken me months to figure out how to smile again. It's been such a joyful experience!"

Amanda Morgan

ANDAZ testimonials

ANDAZ Testimonial "Words fail to thank A New Dawn AZ for the dental solution which was insurmountable but was made possible by your caring hands. Every time I was brushing my teeth this particular tooth, which has been treated, was oozing blood, and any time I was going to brush my teeth I was feeling sorry for myself. I am not on insurance coverage hence appreciating what you have done to me. May the good God continue to bless You and I am ready to volunteer with A New Dawn AZ in appreciation of what you have done to me. You are my loving angels. I can smile again, thank You!"

Joseph Amazuwa Chirwa

Joseph Amazuwa Chirwa - ANDAZ testimonial

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